Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question or concern that is not listed here, please call (978) 408-1933.
You may also contact us here or send an email to

Do you require a deposit?
We do not currently require a deposit on most rentals.

What is required to make a reservation?
We will need some basic information such as name, address, dates, unit(s) requested, and some specifications about the space the unit(s) will be set up on. For commercial and corporate events a credit card and deposit is required. If you are a new customer and renting multiple items we may also require a credit card or deposit to hold your rental; otherwise payment is due in full when we arrive to set up your unit(s). We will also require you to sign a copy of the rental agreement and liability waiver when we arrive.

When will you deliver and pickup my rental?
Deliveries are typically done between 7:00AM and 12PM on the day of your rental. Occassionally we will deliver your unit the evening before between 2PM and 8:30PM. If we will be setting your unit up the night before your event we will notify you via email or telephone. No other delivery times can be guaranteed. Pick-ups are done between 6PM-10PM on the day of your rental. Overnight and multiple day rentals are available for an additional fee; weather permitting.


Although we do not guarantee it, delivery may be as early as the evening before your rental if we will be in the area. This is not guaranteed and we recommend you not telling the children. This will only occur if we are in the area and weather/time permits.


Can I pick up my rental products?
We do not allow customer pick-ups at this time. We save on our insurance by not allowing customers to pick up or set up the units. We pass this savings on to you, hence the low rental fees. We also keep our delivery fees as low as possible to be sure you are getting the best deal.

How early should I place my reservation?
We recommend you place your order at least 4 weeks in advance to insure availability; we do often book up as far as 6-8 weeks in advance so we recommend making your reservation as soon as you have your event details. Our units go very quickly and are on a first come first serve basis. Of course we will take your reservation at anytime if we have items available for you.

Do you accept reservations via email?

Yes, we accept reservations via email. Most of our rentals are scheduled completely through email and the Internet.  After your rental has been confirmed you will receive an email with a copy of your rental agreement, this confirms your reservation.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, credit cards, and Paypal. Prices given on the web site are discounted prices given for NOT using a credit card. Your rental fees are higher when using a credit card. Paypal payments are due 3 day prior to your event; all other payments are due in full when we arrive to set up. Units will NOT be set up until the rental has been paid in full and all forms have been signed.  

What is your cancellation/rain policy? 
All Cancellations require 2 weeks notice. Orders canceled with more than 2 weeks notice will not be charged a cancellation fee. Orders canceled with less than 2 weeks notice will incur a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellations due to weather (either by the customer or by us) will incur NO cancellation fees.

IMPORTANT INCLEMENT WEATHER INFORMATION: Rentals will be canceled by us the evening before if the forecast calls for 30% chance or more of precipitation during your rental period. We use and to determine if a rental needs to be canceled due to weather. We check the forecast for each individual town we are scheduled to be in as weather can vary drastically from town to town. We do not cancel rentals due to weather unless absolutely necessary. This policy is in place for the safety of all of our patrons.

What if I want to reschedule instead of canceling?
If you decide to reschedule instead of canceling you will not be charged a cancellation fee. All orders rescheduled are subject to availability. We can not guarantee availability of the product you may have reserved previously.   

Can I place a product on hold?
Products are reserved on a first come first serve basis. You must provide all required information and received confirmation of your rental in order for it to be considered reserved.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, we are fully licensed,insured, permitted, and inspected as required by state law. All party rental companies operating in the state of Massachusetts are required to be licensed, insured and permitted. Including companies who are located outside of the state. Do not trust your safety with any company who does not meet these requirements. 

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